Our Three Pillars

Our Three Pillars of Programming

To best serve the needs of our members, the NBMBAA® Program Suite is tailored to three pillars.

Education &
Career Exploration

Devoted to creating opportunities for education and career exploration.

Leadership &
Professional Development

Helping members develop the skills to become leaders in their field.


Providing resources and knowledge to put members on the path towards prosperity.

Education & Career Exploration

Education and Career Exploration includes programs that aim to increase the acceptance and graduation rates of our members in undergraduate and graduate programs and provide career opportunities and placements.

Programs in this pillar include:
Leaders of Tomorrow® Suite.
Collegiate Partnerships.
Internship Program.
Higher Ed Expo.
Career Expo.

Leadership & Professional Development

Leadership and Professional Development strives to help members acquire the necessary skills and opportunities to advance their careers.

Programs in this pillar include:
Thought Leadership.
100K Hours Mentoring Challenging.
Business Case Competitions.
Crisis Management Sessions.
Impact Awards.
Webinar Academy.

Economic Prosperity

Economic Prosperity is devoted to helping our members gain financial knowledge and independence, improve credit, and access capital opportunities.

Programs in this pillar include:
State of Black Professionals Report.
Policy Programs.
Scale-Up Pitch Challenge.

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