Black Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kimble Comics

Tyler Kimble from Cleveland, OH is a second-year MHRM candidate set to graduate in the spring.

In August 2018, Tyler and his brother, Lamar Kimble launched the comic book company, Kimble Comics, LLC. Along with the help of Tyler’s best friend Tony Haynes, this small, black-owned startup was formed after an honest dialogue about the underrepresentation of black superheroes in major comic universes.

Kimble Comics aims to provide black people all across the diaspora the superhero representation we deserve in an industry where it is severely lacking. With their unapologetic and compelling storylines, they hope that everyone can identify, connect, and empathize with the heroes and its message.

CCBMBA: How Did You Know When You Had The Right Idea?

TK: One of the unfortunate things about having a business mindset is that we’re creative people. People often call us “the jack of all trades.” Every day, we come up with new business ideas and how we can go about implementing them as soon as possible.
Answer: I knew we had the right idea once we started developing our story arc and characters. We are truly providing our people with stories and heroes that are not aligned with Marvel or DC. Everything is new, fresh, and organic. It’s a story WE deserve.

CCBMBA: How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt?

TK:: Honestly, the support from friends and social media followers was unwavering and completely appreciating. We still get positive comments on our posts from strangers. But the only person that was truly not as supportive as I would have liked was my mother. My mother has always been a straight-shooter, very candid individual, which is to no slight of her as she is the most important person in my life but it was disappointing. She just wanted me to focus on finishing school and beginning my career which is fair but it only motivated me to create the best comic universe ever so I can prove to her that working for yourself and building a company is just as fulfilling as any other job.

CCBMBA: How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?
A business that never grows is slowly falling. Even if you want to maintain your current level of success, you will need to have a plan for sustainable future growth to keep up with the economy and demographic trends.

TK: Truthfully, just by creating and putting out a great product and content. With the right marketing and outlook, we are truly going to create something special. Our comics are designed to appeal to the wants and likenesses of Black people across the diaspora and I’ve received some criticism in regards to that strategy due to it narrowing my audience but I honestly do not care. I want to create the best product for my people because we deserve it.

CCBMBA: How Did You Build Your Team?

TK: My brother, Lamar is the one I conjured up this idea with. He is comic book and anime fanatic and he was able to develop a long term story arc with our characters. Along with the help of my best friend Tony Haynes and another good friend Chris Fletcher, who are both extremely well-versed with comic universes and anime concepts, we have formed super team (no pun intended) of people with different perspectives and insights on comic stories and character concepts.

CCBMBA: What’s Your Approach To Marketing?

TK: The people who want to read our stories know how to find us.

CCBMBAA: Do You Plan On Retiring?

TK: Being 24 years old, that is a question I always seem to avoid because I have barely even begun my professional career but honestly, I plan on building this brand and company until I literally cannot anymore. If I do retire from writing and creating comic books, I just hope my people can look back at my career and be proud of the work Kimble Comics did.


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