National Black MBA Columbus Chapter



2017 was a great year for the NBMBAA Columbus Chapter, but just wait for what we have in store for 2018!

Our Mission

The National Black MBA Association® leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for Black professionals.
We are committed to making an impactful and sustainable difference in the communities in which we work and serve.

Our Events

Visit us often for our upcoming events!

Our Community

At National Black MBA Association® we are committed to the professional advancement of our members, and are continuously seeking new opportunities and benefits to provide. We are an internationally-recognized organization with top corporate and collegiate partners offering some of the most attractive career benefits to our professional community.

Our Three Pillars

NBMBAA’s three Program Pillars are designed to meet the needs of our members at any stage in their career. Program curriculums are created to be data-driven and effective tools for enabling professional growth among our members.

Education &
Career Exploration

Programs that increase the acceptance rates of our members in undergraduate and graduate programs and provide career opportunities/placements.

Leadership &
Professional Development

Programs that help members acquire the necessary skills and opportunities for career advancement.


Programs that help our members gain financial knowledge, independence, improve credit and access capital opportunities.

Our Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders

The NBMBAA Leaders of Tomorrow program is a platform for high school students to become leaders, develop career goals, and other important aspects as they approach adulthood.

One of three dynamic Program Pillars of the NBMBAA, Education and Career Exploration, aims to increase the acceptance rates of our members in undergraduate and graduate programs and assist with career opportunities/placements. Programs include our popular Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT), Collegiate Partnerships and Conference Activations. We are committed to your success and continue to develop partnerships with local colleges and universities. Learn how obtaining an MBA from Franklin University has benefitted one of our past Chapter Presidents and current Executive Advisory Board member, Oyauma Garrison, President & CEO at A Kid Again.

Special Thanks To Our Corporate Sponsors

NBMBAA® seeks to align itself with outstanding corporate partners that share our commitment to creating educational opportunities and economic growth for African-Americans and diverse business professionals. Contact us today at 614-915-0899 to become a Partner.

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